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How to Donate Your Remote or Phone

Donating your remote control or cell phone is easy! Contact us with your name and address, and Remote Control, Inc. will provide you with a postage paid envelope to use for shipping. We will send to you a receipt showing the amount of donation which was given to the charity of your choice, in your name. You can, in turn, use the charitable donation for tax purposes.
For individual donations, you only need to print out the donation form, and send it along with your used or broken equipment. For every piece of equipment donated, we will donate 10% of the price of the phone when sold to your designated organization or charity.
If you want to use the donation program as a fund-raising project, contact us and we will set up a process that will work for your needs. We will discuss how you can set up collection boxes and how we will pay to have the boxes shipped to us at no cost to you. We will sort through the collected equipment and based on models and average prices, we will, upon receipt, send an agreed upon donation to your favorite organization or charity.
Go to form or see details on individual and group donations.


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