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Why Donate Your Remote or Phone?

If you are like most people, most likely you have remote controls or cell phones lying about the house that are no longer being used. There are many reasons why you should consider donating them to Remote Controls, Inc.

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You want a way to dispose of your broken remote or cell phone in a responsible manner. Help the environment by preventing the equipment from sent to the local landfill. Your remote will be refurbished and given to someone else who will use it.
You want a new remote control. You can use the donated remote or cell phone as a discount on a new replacement. This works well if you recently updated your cell phone or media equipment.
You want an alternative way to make a donation to a charity of your choice. Remote Controls Inc. will let you chose to whom a percentage of the refurbished sale price is donated.
You want a way to teach responsible recycling or sharing to your kids. This works for classrooms or other groups as well.
You want a way to raise funds for a local charity. You can make this a group fund-raising project. See How to Donate for details.

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